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ITN Technology and Multimedia Pty Ltd :: ITN Pentagon VI Computer System

ITN Pentagon VI

ITN Pentagon VI Computer System

RRP with 19” LCD monitor $3999

If you want to play games the way they are meant to be played then the ITN Pentagon VI is the answer. The power of dual 7800 GT's will ensure you can play what you want for as long as you want, and for years to come.

The Technology
AMD Athlon™ 64 processor
64 Bit technology allows you to do what you want on your computer. Whether it's watching videos, ripping and playing music, or playing games, with AMD64 performance, you can fully enjoy any multimedia experience with a "you are there" reality.

7800 GPU SLI
Computer enthusiasts and professionals are constantly searching for ways to increase the performance of their PCs and now with NVIDIA® SLI™ technology they are able to. NVIDIA SLI takes advantage of the increased bandwidth of the PCI Express™ bus architecture, and features hardware and software innovations within NVIDIA GPUs (graphics processing units) and NVIDIA MCPs (media and communications processors). NVIDIA SLI can deliver as much as 2x the performance of a single GPU configuration for unparalleled gaming experiences.

PROCESSOR AMD Athlon™ 64 processor 3800+
MEMORY 2 GIG GEIL DDR 400 Dual channel RAM
HARD DISK 500 GIG RAID O Hard drive space(250 X 2)
MONITOR 19 LCD Monitor 8ms response time
MODEM 56K Modem
FLOPPY DRIVE 1.44 Mb Floppy Disk drive
SOUND CARD 7.1 channel Audio
CD-ROM/DVD 16x Dual Layer DVD Burner
MOUSE & KEYBOARD Gaming Mouse & Keyboard
CARD READER 7 in 1 Card Reader
SPEAKERS 5.1 Surround sound Nuke 28 speakers
OS SOFTWARE Microsoft® Windows XP Home
? 2 x Cold Cathodes
WARRANTY Complete 3 year hardware warranty

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