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Multimedia Services offered by ITN Technology - Spearwood Perth Western Australia

Multimedia Services

Digital Audio Restoration Services uses the very latest in Computer Hardware and Software Technology to transfer Vinyl or Cassettes to CD and fully restore them to near new condition.This can involve removing clicks and pops in the case of Vinyl and hiss on Cassettes, all in the Digital domain.

Pricing is as follows:


This includes the cost of the blank CD as well as a cover with track listings.

  • Single - $10 per single (both sides) with no restoration.
  • Full Album - $60 per LP (both sides) with no restoration.
  • Single - $20 per single (both sides) with restoration.
  • Full Album - $100 per LP (both sides) with restoration.


These prices include covers (front and back) with song lists and artist/album names on the spine. Colour sleeves scanned from the original can also be made for an additional $10.
  • Full length Album (A and B sides) - $60 with no restoration.
  • Full length Album (A and B sides) - $100 with restoration.

VIDEO TO DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)

We can also transfer video to DVD. This can involve transferring your VHS or Handycam Videos on to DVD where you can play it on any DVD player or home computer.

For those very precious Videos (such as weddings etc) you can have a copy on DVD that will last a lifetime and not wear out each time you play it.


We also have the facility to transfer (all digitally) MD -> CD, DAT -> CD, MD -> DAT, DAT -> DAT, MD -> MD, CD -> CD, CD -> MD, CD -> DAT, DAT -> MD. We can also transfer DVD audio, Laser Disc audio, DVD audio, VHS audio, Vinyl and Cassettes to MD, CD or DAT. Sample Rate Conversion can also be done as well as SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) removal.


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